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If you want to Apply for an American Visa on leisure, you would have to apply for a US tourist visa.

If you are unaware of how to get an USA visa, here are some basic steps.
Visit its Embassy in India in New Delhi or its consulates in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. One has to download or physically procure a DS-160 visa form. It should be signed and https://tarvelzone.bookmark.com/which-is-the-biggest-airport-in-india a passport size photo needs to be given along when submitting it.

When filling up an American Visa Application, there is no need to show confirmed flight tickets.

Following that, the applicants will be called for an interview at the Embassy or consulates’, depending upon whichever is closer to them. In the interview, the immigration officials ask for an invitation letter (it is required for certain categories of visitors), reasons for the visit, how the prospective visitors will fund their trips and how long they plan to stay within that country.

If the immigration officials are satisfied, applicants get a nod there right away. Even if it is rejected, they tell the applicants then and there.

If the interview was successful, the applicant will receive the passport with the visa stamped on it in around two working days. Visitor [ ] is, therefore, quick.

America has tourist attraction of various types, you can visit the big cities and head to the theatres, museums, art galleries, cafes, restaurants of almost all world cuisines (in large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago); you can head to the magnificent Niagara Falls – a naturally marvelous and breathtaking location; Hollywood, if you want to see how films are being shot or if you like spotting stars; Las Vegas, if you are a gamer and are not risk-averse, and also for its nightlife by spending time at pubs, dancing joints and so on; Hawaii islands, California or Florida, if you are beach person; and head to New Orleans if you are jazz buff and while in that city explore its French Quarters.

In addition, there is the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National park, Salt Lake, where one can only float but not drown, Yosemite National Park which affords great scenery[ ], etc.