Coping With City Living…How To Soundproof Your Home.

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Until your upstairs neighbours have a baby, or the flight path changes, or your beautiful new period home lets all of the noise from outside in. How do you cope with the noise pollution, and can a[ ] really make that much of a difference to your life?

Soundproof windows can change your life. 

We’re not exaggerating. Imagine coming home after a long day of work, and not being able to relax, having disturbed sleep and never finding peace in your own home.
The effects of noise pollution on our health is well documented. Exposure to prolonged or excessive noise can cause stress, fatigue from sleep deprivation and even cardiovascular disease. Your home should be a place to rest and relax, regardless of the weather, the threat of burglary or the noise outside.

There are three simple ways to ensure that your property is soundproofed. 

Fill any cracks or holes in the walls. Simply using expanding foam can help. However, if there are holes that are necessary, in case of electric cables then be sure to call in an expert. Always use a certified electrician.
Seal your external door, or upgrade to a solid one. Hollow doors will need bulking up with panels.

Replace your windows and doors. Double glazing, whilst more efficient than single, is not technically an acoustic dampener, and you will need to bring in an expert to replace the windows and doors throughout the property.

However, if you wanted to stick with the DIY route, ceilings, walls, floors and decor can all contribute to reducing draughts and noise. Saving you money on your energy bills and keeping heat and noise in. Rugs, carpets, heavy curtains can all help.

Placing larger pieces of furniture on adjoining walls will keep neighbours at bay. Window boxes and shutters will bring some elegance to your home as well as provide a barrier from the outside, as well as noise coming upwards. 

Ultimately[ ] crafted and installed by a professional will not only complement the aesthetic of your property, even if it is a period home, but will also keep unwanted noise out, and in- which means you can get raucous every Friday night!

A soundproof front door will also provide an extra security barrier, ensuring that you sleep soundly at night without fear of crime. Bifold doors at the back of your property can be a sound investment in security and style. Bringing the outside, in. Enjoy your garden- it’s a luxury in the city after all!

City living doesn’t have to be hectic. Hugo Carter & Silent Windows have been reducing noise pollution in homes around the country for years. Their expert research and technical skills[ ], coupled with bespoke products made from the finest materials will ensure that your home is set to be the most comfortable it could possibly be.

And as every single product they craft is made to fit your needs you can be as specific as your circumstances require.