At Least Seven States Are Seeing Record Spikes In Daily COVID-19 Cases Highlighting The Worsening Spread Of The Virus In The Country s Southern And Western Regions And Prompting Officials To Rollback Their Reopening Plans

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At least seven states are seeing record spikes in daily COVID-19 cases, highlighting the worsening spread of the virus in the country's southern and western regions and prompting officials to rollback their reopening plans. 
The US recorded more than 45,000 new coronavirus cases on Friday, the largest single-day increase of the pandemic after five states including Florida, Utah, Tennessee, Georgia and Idaho saw record new highs.   
Underscoring the worsening spread of the virus, Florida on Saturday morning reported 9,585 new infections in the last 24 hours, marking a record spike for a second day, and 24 additional deaths.  
Meanwhile Nevada has doubled its previous high with 1,099 new cases and Arizona matched its prior record with 3,591 new infections.
The US death toll is now over 125,000, the highest in the world, with a total of 2.49million confirmed cases.  
The new record for positive COVID-19 tests is a troubling sign that the country is regressing in its fight against the pandemic as some regions that appeared to have avoided the worst are now seeing cases emerge at an alarming rate and worries have shifted from major cities to rural areas. 
Texas and Florida joined the small but growing list of states that are either backtracking or delaying any further reopenings of their economies because of a resurgence of the virus, mostly in the South and West.   
FLORIDA: Coronavirus cases reached a new high in Florida for a second day on Saturday.

On Friday, state officials told bars to immediately stop serving alcohol on their premises after infections surged
FLORIDA: Miami residents out and about on Ocean Drive on Friday amid a surge in coronavirus cases 
TEXAS: Barstools are stacked at South Tyler Speakeasy in Tyler, TX,  as word reached the bar of Gov.

Greg Abbott's morning announcement that bars must close at noon on Friday
TEXAS: A worker carries a piece of plywood in Austin after bars were forced to close for a second time as coronavirus infections continue to spread
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