Apos;If You re Single And Out On 14 February You re A LOSER apos;: YouTube Sensation Emily Hartridge Gives Her 10 Reasons Why Valentine apos;s Day Sucks

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'If you're single and out on 14 February, you're a LOSER': YouTube sensation Emily Hartridge gives her 10 reasons why Valentine's Day sucks
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Published: 11:05 BST, 12 February 2013 | Updated: 16:25 BST, 13 February 2013

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Does the day of love leave you cold?

If so, you aren't alone if the latest video from blogger Emily Hartridge is anything to go by.

Her new video, released just in time for the big day, explains why Valentine's Day isn't a tradition she needs in her life - but not entirely for the reasons you might imagine.

Along with making singletons feel bad, Hartridge also argues that it is sexist and puts far too much pressure on men.

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Unromantic comedy: According to Hartridge, Valentine's Day can make singletons feel really bad

No fun! Hartridge says that single girls run the risk of looking like a cliche, while everyone else has cheap tat foisted on them

'I know it's bad that Valentines Day is all about romancing the female sex and as a woman, I'm OK with this, but it is a really sexist day,' says Hartridge.

'Men, generally, have to get it perfect because a rose and some chocolates just ain't going to cut it any more.'

But Valentines sexism isn't the only thing that infuriates Hartridge.

Inflated prices for 'normal' gifts such as cuddly toys and flowers get the Hartridge treatment, as does the tackiness of the offerings.
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Even the principle of Valentine's Day comes under fire with Hartridge questioning the entire premise.

'The principle of Valentine's Day is stupid,' she says. 'I mean, if you love me, why are you waiting a whole year for this one day to show me your love?'

Interestingly, Hartridge had wanted to make the case for, rather than against Valentine's Day but soon realised knocking it would be much funnier.

'I did actually want to put a positive spin on Valentine's Day for this week but it turns out it's not that funny to talk about the happiness and the romance that Valentine's Day brings,' she admitted.

'I figured that I'd just do what I do best and put a negative spin on something.'

Negative or not, Hartridge's work is certainly proving a hit with the 23,000 viewers who subscribe to her [ YouTube channel].and https://themomsite.hpage.com/funny-gift-idea-under-5-for-coworker.html booming [ Twitter] account.

Romantic fans, however, may wish to look away now.
Love me?

Hartridge says you shouldn't have to wait for Valentine's Day to be told you're loved by your other half

Not impressed: Hartridge had to pay £16 for this tacky toy - much more than it would cost at any other time


The pressure that a man is under on Valentine's Day is ridiculous.

2. Valentine's Day is one-sided because it's all about women.
3. If you're single and go out with your friends on Valentine's Day, you'll look like a cliche and people will probably think you're depressed.


There are so many tacky gifts involved with Valentine's Day.
5. Valentine's Day encourages you to have awkward relationship conversations far too soon.

Although Valentine's Day is essentially a completely made up day, it does make you feel a bit sh*t if you're single.
7. Valentine's Day sets men up for a massive fall, whether they remember it or not.


Valentine's Day makes you competitive with your girlfriends about whose boyfriend bought them the best present.
9. Why should you have to wait for Valentine's Day to say 'I love you'? It should happen every day.

Valentine's Day makes cheap tat expensive.

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