Anita Rani Gets Nine-year-old Twins To Go To Bed By Using Meditation

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Getting a pair of lively nine-year-olds to calm down and go to bed is no mean feat, but presenter Anita Rani used a rather unusual method to get impressive results on the latest episode of My famous Babysitter. 
Appearing on the latest episode of the W Channel show, which airs tonight at 10pm,  the 42-year-old Countryfile host from Yorkshire was seen attempting to settle down twin brothers Luke and Daniel, who were excitable after an energetic dance session. 
However, soon after the boys sat down with Anita to meditate, they quickly became tired and were in bed minutes later. 
Anita admitted that she was scared the 'giddy' twins would be 'up 'til midnight' and was pleased that her method had 'worked really well'. 
'Countryfile' host Anita Rani,42,  appeared on the latest episode of W Channel's 'My Famous Babysitter' where she used meditation to help the children go to sleep 
Twin nine-year-old boys Luke (left) and Daniel (right), were hyper after an energetic dance session but sat down with Anita to take part in the session 
Anita's concerns begin after the boys finished their dinner and began showing off an elaborate dance routine in the kitchen. 
After announcing the boys had to go to sleep, she asked them to sit on the floor of their living room with their legs crossed and slowly take deep breaths. 
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Talking them through the meditation, the boys visibly become more tired until Anita asks: 'Did you enjoy that?'
Luke says: 'Literally I felt like I was asleep.' 
The presenter replied: 'Isn't that wonderful?' 
Reflecting on the evening, she continued: 'I was really nervous about today. My worry was there is no way they're going to go to sleep because they'll be too giddy and I'll be up 'til midnight.
After just a short session of sitting on the floor and taking long deep breaths, Luke was visibly more tired and the boys were soon in bed 
After Anita quizzes the boys on how they found the session, Luke insisted: 'Literally I felt like I was asleep' 
 'But actually, yeah they've gone to bed.' 
The broadcaster confessed that she employed the method because she had 'no idea' how to put the children to sleep, and insisted that it was after the session she 'fell in love' with the two boys. 
She said: 'I actually got a taste of what that might be when I put them to bed one night. 
'I did some meditation with them because I didn't have a clue about how I was going to get them to go to sleep. 
The broadcaster spent three days looking after the twins, and says that  it was after the session she 'fell in love' with the two boys
'So I tried some meditation which worked really well!

Afterwards I read them a story and I had one of them on either side of me, just cuddled up to me, I fell in love with these two boys. 
'In that moment it was very easy to see how you can become so attached to children. It was in that moment that I realised that you are the adult, you are the protector of their world, they are looking to you for comfort, for structure and safety. 
'I very quickly felt those things, so that was a new experience for me.'  
She teased that her method could be expanded into a business, and joked that she already has a name for the company's social media handle. 
Anita said: 'Maybe people will take home my idea of meditation for children as a way of getting them to sleep! 
Although Anita admitted she isn't sold on having a brood of her own, explained that although she still isn't keen on having a child - the show gave her a whole 'new perspective' on kids
'There is a whole new business for me right there!

I've already come up with an Instagram name!'
The presenter, who early in the episode admitted she wasn't sold on having a brood of her own, explained that although she still isn't keen on having a child - the show gave her a whole 'new perspective' on kids. 
She said: 'I don't think a four-day experience with two children is going to make me feel broody. 
'I feel the way I feel, but it certainly gave me a new perspective, and I certainly felt something I've never felt before. 
'That protectiveness.

I have a niece who I feel that for, that's all new and lovely, I can see why people do it.'