All Over-50s In Britain Could Get The Flu Jab On The

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All over-50s in Britain could get the flu jab on the [/news/nhs/index.html NHS] this winter, under plans reportedly being considered by ministers to cope with a second wave of Covid-19.
Government advisers have already recommended that [/news/downing-street/index.html Number 10] contemplate vaccinating the 'entire population' against flu in an effort to free up hospital beds.
Insiders now say Downing St is planning to buy 10million extra doses for over-50s — but have warned delivering the jabs could be a logistical nightmare. 
One source claimed expanding the scheme could involve Brits getting vaccinated in car parks and at drive-through centres - the same way [/news/coronavirus/index.html coronavirus] testing is done. 
Leading scientists fear the coronavirus could wreak havoc on the health service if it returns this winter, striking alongside the flu when hospitals are already swamped.
Free flu jabs are usually reserved for over-65s, pregnant women, primary school children and people with serious illnesses like asthma or heart or kidney disease.
It comes after 16 leading medics last night warned Britain faces a 'real risk' of being hit by a second wave of the coronavirus in the colder months. 
Government advisers have already recommended Number 10 contemplates vaccinating the 'entire population' against flu, in an effort to free up hospital beds
Last winter 25million people in England were offered the flu jab, with officials expanding the annual vaccination programme to include all Year Six children for the first time. 
All over-65s, pregnant women, NHS workers and people with serious long-term illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and Parkinson's are eligible for the free jab. 
Figures show there are around 10million people aged between 50 and 65 in the UK, meaning the vaccination scheme would have to increase by 40 per cent in size to catch all of them.
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