Airbnb Has Launched A Series Of Lockdown-friendly Zoom-hosted Online Experiences - From Meditation Sessions With Sheep To Virtual Meetings With The Stray Dogs Of Chernobyl

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Airbnb has launched a series of lockdown-friendly Zoom-hosted online experiences - from meditation sessions with sheep to virtual meetings with the stray dogs of Chernobyl.
The home rental site is offering 50 virtual experiences from around the world, staring from £1, as a 'new way for people to connect, travel virtually and earn income' during the [/news/coronavirus/index.html coronavirus] crisis.
Scroll down to find out which you'd like to sign up to...
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Cellist Janice Wong is hosting a cello meditation concert experience that aims to 'centre your body and mind' 
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Hosted by cellist Janice Wong from Amsterdam, the cello meditation concert aims to 'centre your body and mind'.
During the concert, Janice will play a range of music, with each piece 'based on a different emotion'.
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The experience starts from £5 and at the end of the concert participants will get the chance to ask Janice questions.
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Now through Airbnb you can virtually meet the dogs of Chernobyl, which live inside the nuclear exclusion zone.

They are cared for by a charity 
The stray dogs of Chernobyl live in the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which exploded on April 26, 1986. 
They are cared for by the Dogs of Chernobyl programme - and now animal lovers can meet them virtually through Airbnb.
The experience costs £25 and it includes seeing the dogs, learning about how the programme cares for the creatures and taking in a virtual visit of the scene of the disaster, the Unit 4 reactor.
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In a live online cooking class, Chiara from Rome, teaches guests how to make pasta from scratch using her grandmother's recipe 
This live online cooking class is led by Chiara, from Rome, who demonstrates how to make pasta from scratch using her grandmother's recipe.
She says: 'We will tell stories, laugh and walk you through our favourite pasta recipes.'
She will also suggest wine pairings and Italian music you can listen to while you eat.
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Participants in this experience get to meet 'naughty' sheep Hamish, Dougal, Benny and Lochie and join in a meditation with them 
In this experience, participants get to virtually meet 'naughty sheep' Hamish, Dougal, Benny and Lochie, who live on a farm near Loch Lomond.
Host Beccy will tell guests sheep stories and feed the creatures while the sound of birds and the farm's hens can be heard in the background.
Once the sheep are fed and doze off to sleep, Beccy's daughter will then lead participants in a '10 to 15-minute mindful meditation with the sounds of nature to soothe you'.
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Irish dancer Aneta, who is virtually welcoming guests into her home in Galway to teach them Irish dancing 
This masterclass sees guests virtually welcomed into the home of Aneta in Galway, Ireland, who tells them about the history of Irish dancing.
She will also demonstrate the different styles.
Participants will then learn a Sean-nós dance step and an Irish dance step before putting them to music.
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Penguin conservationist Jon, left, is offering an online experience in which he passes on his knowledge of the African penguin. The experience also allows those taking part to check in on some of the creatures 
Hosted by long-time penguin conservationist Jon, this experience sees participants learn everything there is to know about the African penguin.
First Jon, from Cape Town, will share little-known facts about the creatures before leading a crafts session on how to make your own penguin by using items 'you have lying around the house'.
The experience finishes by virtually meeting some of the creatures, which Jon describes as 'undeniably cute but highly threatened birds'.
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Yoga teacher Sandrine, who is offering a 'gentle meditative yoga session' on Airbnb as well as teaching breathing techniques and simple exercises 
From Florence, teacher Sandrine will guide participants through 'a gentle meditative yoga session to induce deep relaxation'.
She will also teach some breathing techniques and simple exercises.
Sandrine says: 'At the end of our session, you'll feel grounded, refreshed, calm and at peace.

Don't be surprised if you sleep like a baby that night!'
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Magician Martin will be wowing guests with his magic tricks and teaching them how to perform their own in one Airbnb online experience 
In this experience, magician Martin will wow guests with magic using playing cards, mobile phones, rings, money, sweets and even fire.
He will also talk about his life in magic including how he has broken several Guinness World Records - including the most magic tricks performed during a skydive.
Then it's the guests' turn to give it a go.

Martin says: 'I'll share with you some of the inner secrets of magic, including tricks you've just witnessed me perform.'
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Professional Swedish baker Lhea is offering an experience where she teaches guests how to make cinnamon and cardamom buns 
Professional Swedish baker Lhea leads guests in a virtual baking class, teaching them how to make cinnamon and cardamom buns.
The class is £21 with Lhea on hand step-by-step to guide participants through the recipe.
She will also give insights into Swedish family life and answer any questions about the country's traditions.   
Booking is open now for 50 virtual Airbnb experiences available at [], with thousands more coming online in the coming months. 
Online experiences will be hosted on Zoom and Airbnb is providing hosts access to Zoom free of charge along with personalised support services for curating, capturing and sharing their online content. 
For more information, if you are interested in hosting an experience visit [].
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