Achievable Tasks To Practice Resilience

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Stay Informed:

Seek information from trusted sources including Australian government and World Health Organisation websites.

Understand History:

The course of infectious disease events like SARS, HIV, hepatitis and measles usually runs from scepticism to attention to panic to reality to return to normality.

Remind yourself of these patterns.

Be Active and Organised:

Write lists of what you need to buy, organise or set-up and get on with it. Tick off each item and turn 'To Do' lists into 'Ta-Da' lists. Talk with family and friends about your plans.

Balance Your Thoughts:

Dark brooding thoughts can stop you doing things that help.

Balance a negative thought with a realistic one: ask yourself what a friend would say in the same situation or what evidence you have that you won't cope.


Switch off 'noise' like social media, radio and even people. Check reliable news sources once or twice a day but replace 'noise' with music, games, meditation or healthy routines like tidying your room or calling loved ones.

Be Kind to Yourself:

And to others too.

Most people are good, kind and sensible: they're probably as stressed and worried as you are and reaching out will help them and help you feel good about yourself.

Keep Looking Forward:

It may not feel like it but things will return to normal. Have confidence: maintain long-term goals and think about enjoyable things to do each day and week.

Bring others into your plans.