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cheap nfl jerseys If companies want to stay competitive they need to look at their social footprint, what are they doing outside of their business to positively impact society, perks, reward systems etc, she said.businesses need to be looking at how they can grow and build their employees outside of work.staff are happy, relaxed and comfortable we see the best work, increased productivity, efficiency and success, and as the director, my role is to put their mental health cheap nfl first, she said.Ms Sahay urged other CEOs to take the plunge by starting with shorter days first and then eventually making the transition to weeks, but she understood the hesitation.can be blamed for its hesitation as it really hard to find great staff, she said. Hard to buy authentic jerseys find people who believe in what you believe, who are willing to come into work and live and breathe your culture every day. Sahay has followed the lead of Versa CEO Kath Blackham, who introduced a no work Wednesday policy more than two years ago.Most recently she spoke to the UK Labour Party, which took a policy of a four day work week to the recent election, and also to UK retailer Morrisons, which considered the policy.But as Ms Blackham told the ABC, the company was only going to introduce the policy for office staff and not the leadership team.told them straight out, not going to work Because if the leadership team are (present) it just cascades down from there, she said.TIME OFF POLICIESShorter work weeks are not the only policies companies are introducing in order to give employees more time off work.Account firm Ernst Young (EY) introduced a groundbreaking Life Leave policy in 2019 that allowed staff to take 12 weeks off per year.The extra self funded leave is able to be used for travel or relaxation and was rolled out with several options to help families cheap nfl jerseys.