7 New IOS 14 Features Apple Borrowed From Android To Make The IPhone Better

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Is the new Apple iOS 14 just Android in disguise?

Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

[/apple/ Apple] made a slew of announcements last month at [/news/wwdc-2020-apple-launches-arm-based-mac-chips-ios-14-ipados-14-macos-big-sur-and-more/ WWDC 2020], justpaste.it its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The company unveiled the new [/news/apple-ios-14-first-take-wwdc-2020-iphone-home-screen-siri-widgets-picture-in-picture-video-app-clips/ iOS 14] and a [/news/ios-14-apple-redesigned-iphone-home-screen-easier-navigate/ redesigned iPhone home screen] with new [ ][/news/ipados-14-heres-all-the-new-ipad-features-just-announced-at-wwdc/ iPadOS 14], [/news/apple-announces-new-macos-big-sur-operating-system/ MacOS Big Sur], and updates to [ ][/news/watchos-7-unveiled-with-sleep-tracking-shareable-watch-faces-and-a-hand-washing-timer/ WatchOS]. 
While many of these iOS 14 features might feel new Apple iPhone users, those familiar with Android devices could be feeling deja vu. Here's a list of all the new Apple iOS 14 features that Android already had. 
With iOS 14, Apple introduced a new Translate app that's designed for use in real-time conversation. It can translate between 11 languages, including English, Mandarin Chinese, French, German and Korean. As of March 2020, [/google/ Google]'s 14-year-old dedicated translate app could [/news/google-translate-now-lets-you-transcribe-conversations-in-real-time/ transcribe conversations in eight languages in real time]. 

Apple's Translate app in iOS 14.

Sarah Tew/ CNET
With the new operating systems, the revamped [/reviews/iphone-11-2019-battery-deep-fusion-review/ iPhone] ([ ]) and [/reviews/apple-ipad-2018-9-7-inch-review/ iPad] ([ $283 at Back Market]) home screens will include [ ][ ] and [/news/sign-in-with-apple-will-come-to-every-iphone-app-how-the-new-privacy-login-tool-works/ Sign In with Apple]. Google introduced a similar feature, [/news/google-instant-apps/ Instant Apps], in 2016. Instant Apps gives apps their own URL so users don't have to download an entire app for a single transaction, like buying concert tickets for example.