27 Fun Things To Do When You Are Bored

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id="mod_7802894">Time To Have Fun
These tips for fun things to do can be specifically for adults with or without small children or adolescents. You can do them all by yourself or do them together. You can do them anytime of year, especially summer, when the kids are bored and clamoring they do not have anything to do. Perhaps you live alone and are looking for an outlet for the day or something to do in the evening.

Take a look at some of the boredom busters below. You might find one you like. The idea is to find something and have fun with it. I know I often get bored and on the look-out for new things to do. I keep lists of things I want to try, or things I have done and want to do again.

I have six nephews and a niece. I spend a great amount of time with them. They range in age from 3- 20 years old. So they each have a specific idea of what they find fun. I have combined a list of fun things to do with my family and some of the things I do alone.

A Little Humor Goes a Long WayThese tips are meant to be taken in jest, have fun trying something new. Maybe have a little laugh. Enjoy yourself.

27 Fun Things To Do
1. Write an article or two for HubPages. You can't go wrong here. It's fun and you can make a little money while doing it. All you need is the desire to write.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] you might want to bring back. Or if you have kids, they may want to collect things. Bring a notebook to jot down your thoughts as you travel along. Follow the link for a printable list of things you can do on a nature walk.

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sendingAUTHORBoo McCourt 
7 years ago from Washington MI
Thank you mollymc, it is just a matter of picking one and running with it.

7 years ago from Canada
Great ideas, some so simple you never think of them!! Love it

8 years ago

8 years ago
cool .i cant be bored anymore thanks

AUTHORBoo McCourt 
8 years ago from Washington MI
Thank you all. I hope you found something fun you could do while your bored or have nothing to do. Comments are appreciated ;)

8 years ago
nice ideas!

8 years ago
Cool ideas!

8 years ago

9 years ago
These are all good ideas

AUTHORBoo McCourt 
10 years ago from Washington MI
Oh I have to get that for my kids (neice and nephews). They would love that. I have to say doing it in front of people out in public is an experience I will NOT be repeating anytime soon. With the kids, judgement comes a whole lot easier. LOL! :0

Chris Eddy111 
10 years ago from Ontario, Canada
Girl, my daughter has a Wii and she has Sing It with all the latest songs for the tweens. Anyhooo, she wanted me to give it a try......hehehehe, momfuture.pageride.com what a joke that was. I was shameful. I couldn't follow along for sh@@. Suffice it to say that I probably won't try it again for awhile.
Don't know if I could do the karaoke in front of a bunch of peeps though. Too chicken!! Lol.

AUTHORBoo McCourt 
10 years ago from Washington MI
Hi Chris,
Hey thanks, I hope you have fun with the ones you choose. The latest one I did was karaoke. I had never done that before. Talk about letting down walls. LOL!

Chris Eddy111 
10 years ago from Ontario, Canada
Great tips and links and you gave me several that I will try. Thanks.

AUTHORBoo McCourt 
10 years ago from Washington MI
Hey mse, I am glad you find them useful. Have a great summer!

10 years ago from texas
With school getting out for summer soon, these will come in handy. thanks.

AUTHORBoo McCourt 
10 years ago from Washington MI
Hi liswilliams,
Thank you for positive feedback. I love stargazing too. I like to sit out on my balcony watch the stars. I can't name them like I did when I was a kid, but it is still fun and relaxing.

10 years ago from South Africa
everyone needs to have a look at this! I love looking at the stars

AUTHORBoo McCourt 
10 years ago from Washington MI
BKCreative and CheapMobilePhones,
Thanks for reading, and the great comments. I appreciate them. I am happy you liked my ideas. The pampering idea sounds fun too. I did something right if my hub relieved your stress, that is awesome!

10 years ago from UK
Reading your Hub relieved my stress. Great work.

10 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City
For sure you can make some fun! A friend's daughter just celebrated her 45th birthday and decided to make it super fun - so she invited all her female friends (and her mother) for a pampering party - and left the men at home. Sounds like a fun idea.
I like the number of 27 for fun ideas. Clever!

AUTHORBoo McCourt 
10 years ago from Washington MI
Thank you jayjay. I think sometimes we get so wrapped in our work we forget to enjoy the fun things in life.

[ ]jayjay40 
10 years ago from Bristol England
Read this hub should be added, made me remember all the fun I've had doing these things and some good ideas for the future. Thanks for sharing