Dylan Dreyer Reveals She Pumps Breastmilk While Filming The Today Show

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Multitasking mom Dylan Dreyer revealed she was pumping breastmilk while broadcasting the Today show live from her home on Thursday — and viewers would have been none the wiser if her co-star Al Roker hadn't pointed it out. 
The 38-year-old meteorologist's wireless pumps were hidden under her drapey fuchsia cardigan as she filmed the [ ] of the morning show remotely from her [/news/new_york/index.html New York City] apartment, but Al was so amazed, he couldn't resist bringing it up.  
'One of us is doing something while they're doing this job,' he said, surprising Dylan and their fellow co-hosts, who just laughed awkwardly. 
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Surprise! Dylan Dreyer, 38, revealed she was pumping breastmilk using wireless pumps while filming the third hour of the Today show from her New York City home on Thursday 
Can't tell: The meteorologist had the portable breast pumps hidden under her drapey fuchsia
Craig Melvin, 41, couldn't believe that he brought it up live on the show, saying he doesn't 'know if America's ready for that,' but Al was admittedly fascinated by the technology. 
'I have to pump. Mama's gotta make some milk!' said Dylan, who shares two young sons — Calvin, three, and Oliver, six months — with her husband Brian Fichera.
'I have to feed Oliver and this is taking a little longer than I planned for, so I've got portable pumps and I'm all hooked up and ready to go. Multitasking.' 
While it was no big deal to Dylan, her male co-stars had plenty of questions, even though they are parents themselves. 
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Family of four: Dylan has two young sons — Calvin, three, and Oliver, six months — with her husband Brian Fichera
Multitasking mom: Dylan explained that she was pumping because she had to feed her six-month-old son Oliver and filming was taking longer than she had anticipated
'Forgive my ignorance on this, so you're able to, like, use your hands?' asked Craig, who has a son Delano, six, and daughter Sybil, three, http://momfuture.mystrikingly.com/blog/my-mom-is-my-angel-my-guardian with his wife Lindsay Czarniak. 
Dylan explained that the technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, saying it's 'insane.'   
'They're totally wireless. I'm hands-free. They're actually WiFi connected to my phone,' she said of her portable breast pumps. 'They are just as powerful. Sometimes better than the plug-in old fashioned one.'
The busy mom said it takes her about 20 minutes to pump, and they are perfect for when she is running around her apartment.   

[ ] Stunned: Al Roker (top right) surprised Dylan and their co-stars Craig Melvin (top left) and Sheinelle Jones (bottom left) when he pointed out that the mom was secretly pumping 
Keeping it real: 'I've got portable pumps and I'm all hooked up and ready to go,' Dylan said 
'I had so much to do today, and four times I would have stopped to pump, but instead, I put these on just like this,' she said, noting that she was able to clean the floors, pack for vacation, and feed her eldest son breakfast while wearing them.  
'I could take [our dog] Bosco for a walk if I wanted to — although I'd look a little weird,' she added. 
Sheinelle Jones, who has a son Kayin, 10, and twins Clara and Uche, seven, with her husband Uche Ojeh, recalled how large and noisy her breast pump was back in the day.
Al, a father of three, agreed that the pump his wife Deborah had nearly 20 years ago was also incredibly loud. 
Aww: Dylan shared that Calvin actually asks her to use the portable pumps for one very specific reason — he wants to be able to play with his mom
Too cute: Dylan shared that Calvin will ask her if she is putting her 'walking ups on' and will make pumping noises when she is wearing them 
Dylan shared that Calvin actually asks her to use the portable pumps for one very specific reason — he wants to be able to play with his mom.     
'Calvin knows I can play with him with these on and I can't play with him when I am on the stationary one,' she explained. 'So he'll be like, "Are you putting your walking pumps on?"
'And I'm like, "Yep, we'll do walking pumps so we can play." And he goes, "Pump, pump, pump, pump,"' she said, imitating the noise he makes. 'It's just become a normal thing.'
While she was more than open about her work from home situation, she admitted the topic of conversation had caught her off guard. 
'Now I'm sweating!' she said. 'I didn't know we were getting into all this. My goodness.' 

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