Apos;Your Performance Was Worthy Of An Oscar apos;: Judge Jails Woman For 23 Years After She Lied About Locking Fiancà In Cupboard And Burning Him To Death

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'Your performance was worthy of an Oscar': Judge jails woman for 23 years after she lied about locking fiancé in cupboard and burning him to death By [/home/search.html?s=&authornamef=Andy+Dolan+for+the+Daily+Mail Andy Dolan for the Daily Mail]
Updated: 00:25 BST, 4 January 2012

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An accounts clerk who locked her fiancé in his workshop, set the building ablaze and blamed the attack on burglars has been jailed for at least 23 years.

Julie Dixon made a highly charged 999 call blaming two masked intruders, but when police found no evidence of a raid and arrested her for the murder she changed her story.

She claimed David Twigg had died in a bungled suicide pact.

She later insisted his death was an assisted suicide.

Julie Dixon, right, locked her partner, David Twigg, into a storeroom at his place of work before setting the building on fire, killing him

Dixon's barrister even cited the recent death of Gary Speed as an example of how a person with seemingly everything to live for could take his own life.

But yesterday Judge Michael Heath insisted Dixon had spun a ‘pack of lies'  and described her as a ‘resourceful and imaginative' liar who had  produced ‘a performance worthy of an Oscar'.

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Sentencing Dixon, 43, to life with a minimum of 23 years, Judge Heath said her ‘evil' crime had involved a ‘significant degree of planning and premeditation'.

He added: ‘I am sure this was not an assisted suicide.

I am sure it was a premeditated killing. David Twigg did not want to die.'
Life sentence: Julie Dixon, 43, was jailed for a minimum of 23 years today for the killing

The court heard Dixon killed Mr Twigg, 46, at his bespoke joinery business to prevent him from discovering the firm's massive debts.

While Mr Twigg was responsible for the practical side of the business they ran from a converted rail depot beside their Lincolnshire home, Dixon was in charge of the accounts.

Gordon Aspden, prosecuting, said she failed to pay invoices and the firm developed chronic cash flow problems.

She hid mail so he did not know he had been declared bankrupt, owing £17,500 in taxes, then concealed the fact a warrant had been issued for his arrest for failing to co-operate with the Official Receiver.


In a statement released through Lincolnshire Police after Dixon's sentence, Mr Twigg's parents said: 'We have lost our only son, David, at the hands of someone we have loved and treated as a daughter.

'David was a kind, decent, hard-working man who took great pride in that work and the service he provided to people.

'We do not want to comment on our thoughts about Julie Dixon who has finally admitted to murdering our wonderful son but have to say we are happy to see justice finally done and will leave her with her own thoughts.'

Believing all was well, Mr Twigg even signed a deal for his firm to sponsor a motor racing team run by a friend, flying Dixon out to the U.S.

so the pair could take in a race.

Mr Twigg died of smoke inhalation last March.

Fire crews found his body behind the door of a storeroom at the workshop in Burgh-le-Marsh, near Skegness.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Dixon had locked him in before setting light to petrol.

She went on trial last month but admitted murder on the second day, claiming her lover of 15 years wanted to die and she had simply assisted his suicide.

However, the court heard that Dixon had told friends she was unhappy in her relationship and momcheap.bookmark.com planned to start a new life without Mr Twigg.
Aftermath: Police guard the entrance to the premises after the killing